Gaming discoveries continued

January 19, 2014 Leave a comment

My gamelist is getting shorter and more interesting as I’m starting to get rid of the more unknown titles and get into games I’ve heard good things of. First up on the list…

King’s Bounty: Armored Princess / Crossworlds

I’ve known about the King’s Bounty gameseries for a couple years now as a good solid competitor to Heroes, which has seemingly gone downhill since HOMM3 – admittedly it’s still a good game I’m sure. First thing I hear when starting the original Armored Princess campaign is the AMAZING epic cinematic track playing. Second thing I see is the beautiful aesthetic of the game.

Seems like your average game storywise with The Archdemon Baal loose upon the world seeking to destroy everything and you are the Princess in shining armor – in my case a Paladin – ready to kick some demon ass. Gameplay is a little different from Heroes in that the actual overworld doesn’t seem to be turnbased so you just freeroam the world until you enter a fight which is then a more familiar turnbased hex system. Felt like a fluid and good system with no real interruptions.

I ended up playing the game for about 5 hours and at that point I got bored as I felt the game got really repetitive and the fights didn’t end up being as fun as I originally thought they would be.

Played: 5h
Rating: 6/10


Have known about the game since before it came out but never got around to trying it because I didn’t find friends to play it with. Basically a colorful dungeon crawler with one player being on the opposing side and doing everything to stop you and your friends from reaching the end of the level. Might be a decent game with friends but with bots I just played through the tutorial and got bored. Nothing really obvious wrong with it, but not really made to be played solo.

Played: 15min
Rating: 5/10

Painkiller Hell & Damnation

Longtime fan of the Painkiller franchise, though mainly the original game that turned into a competitive 1on1 FPS title that was exciting to spectate because of its very fast gameplay. I always loved playing PK 1on1 because the movement system had a lot of skill and speed involved on top of the actual shooting mechanics of the game so it was a nice mix.

Hell & Damnation is a new entry, apparently not from the original creators, but it’s very much in the vein of the original game. The feel of the movement seems identical to the original game and I quickly got the hang of it and had a lot of fun jumping around shooting tons of demons :) The campaign is fairly short clocking about 3 hours, but it’s a lot of stressfree fun that I enjoyed thoroughly.

Played: 3 hours (finished sp campaign)
Rating: 7/10

Gaming hardcore to make room for 2014

January 13, 2014 Leave a comment

Long time no see :) Wanted to write up a little bit of my recent gaming activities. Now that 2013 is over and we are moving towards an insane lineup of games coming in March, I’ve decided to start tackling a ton of games from my Steam library that I haven’t tried or finished yet. After I’m done with some games I can actually decide on my top games for last year. Below I’m gonna do a little writing on the games I try out.. here goes:


No clue what the game was about. I played it for an hour before stopping. Felt like a sort of mix of Dear Esther and Amnesia to me. After the seemingly beautiful start with a nice soundtrack, it turned out to a darker direction with some horror elements. Lacked the polish to really pull me in. Decent atmosphere but the sound actors were pretty bad and while the puzzles were decent, I simply didn’t find it entertaining.

Played: 1h
Rating: 3/10

The Showdown Effect

Starting the game the menu is extremely fluid and polished with a nice metal track playing on the background. Went for the training mode and the game seems awesome for what it is – a sidescrolling multiplayer focused shooter. The guy throwing out Arnie jokes and all around “manly game”, seemed like fun. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a single multiplayer game to really give this game a shot. Too late to the party I guess.

Played: 30min
Rating: 4/10


Oddly enough I only played about 15 minutes of this yet had the most fun out of these games so far. It’s a sort of airplane racing game with powerups and it reminded me of the good old Redline Racer which is a racing game from 1998. Seemed like an decently put together game and gave me a little adrenaline rush towards the end trying to get first place. Might be more fun with friends.

Played: 15min
Rating: 4/10

Sine Mora

More oldschool fun! I’m not sure what you even called these back in the day, but I’ll just say it’s a sidescrolling airplane shooter. Reminds me of legendary games like Raptor and Tyrian, except those were towards the top of the screen instead of left to right. Nice looking colorful game with some sort of credit system with limited lives. Felt like a solid game for what it is, but doesn’t quite hook me like the legends of old did back in the day :)

Played: 20min
Rating: 5/10

Tropico 4

The theme of the game seemed interesting to me at first which is why I bought it from a sale at some point. However now that I finally tried it I got a kind of lackluster feel. It didn’t pull me in like Sim City, that said, it might well be a better game than Sim City. I just didn’t get that Civilization sort of addicted feeling for it. Due to the not so great tutorial system I found the controls to be a little hard to get into.

Played: 45min
Rating: 5/10

…to be continued… :)