1.0.4 on the doorstep

August 22, 2012 Leave a comment

So it has been a while since I last logged in and played some D3, but now that the new patch is finally coming in a matter of hours, I plan on getting back to some Diablo action. While the gameplay at its core was excellent since the start, the game suffered from the fact that there wasn’t really that much to do once you beat Inferno since your character progress was solely based on getting better gear. Now that Blizzard is introducing the Paragon Levels it’s looking much closer to D2 in that regard, which is great news for a lot of people. Obviously the patch doesn’t end there and here’s some highlights and thoughts about it all.

  • Paragon levels 1-100 based on the experience gained after reaching level 60. Core stats and MF/GF boost per paragon level. The exp required to reach the higher Paragon levels is a lot, which is a great thing since it will most likely require months if not years of gameplay – at least based on the xp charts. Also a good mechanic to alleviate the problem of MF gearswapping, without completely removing it from those who want to do it.
  • Legendary buffs and changes that make legendaries more unique so not only are they great usable items, but also include special properties that will make them recognizable. Firewalkers leaving a trail of fire behind you, angelic allies, demonic minions and a ton of other cool things.
  • Changes to the co-op experience. The extra health mobs gain across all difficulties when another player joins the game is now down to 75%, which will make co-op more rewarding and effective.
  • Removing the ever so annoying invulnerability affix from elites. Also removing enrage timers from champs.
  • Class changes and making the underused skills/runes better so there is more build variety. This as a whole is great since I don’t like to be in the spot where I feel forced into a certain build because it’s simply far better than the alternatives.
  • AH improvements making it easier to check for items you actually want instead of browsing through pages of crap.
  • Tons of other small improvements like fixing buggy achievements etc.

Safe to say, they are on the right track. Now it’s up for Blizzard to continue on that path and get PVP out as a quality product. Until then, starting from tomorrow, I’ll be slaying some demons and trying to advance through the Paragon levels.

Of course a noteworthy thing to mention is that Guild Wars 2 is coming out this week aswell which I’ll be checking out. I’ve also put up two new Minecraft LP videos on my YouTube channel, but those uploads might be very irregular due to the D3 patch and GW2 coming out.

See you in Sanctuary. And whatever world Guild Wars 2 takes place in :)

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