Azmodan down

June 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Finished act3 tonight (02.06.2012 – 21:30). Act 3 was quite a big jump in difficulty from Act2 and I did end up skipping some elitepacks – most notably the impalers and soul lashers in the narrow tower hallways. Azmodan himself was much easier than Belial as I expected him to be and it took my dh and a wizard only 4 tries to kill him.

I’m still switching between Vault and Smoke Screen since both have their uses and after the SS nerf I don’t see it being quite as good plus I never really learned to use it properly in the first place as I always prefered vault even though it’s often times quite bad in Inferno.

DH stats when killing Azmodan:
Armor 2494
DPS with Sharpshooter 65813
DPS without Sharpshooter 39431
HP 28551

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