Belial down

May 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Pheeeewie. I managed to kill Belial after probably about a 100 tries with my Demon Hunter – finally. Took a lot of testing and screwing around with runes and items etc. Last night I got a strat down for the first phase where only the adds are coming, which was quite easy afterwards. The second phase was the problem since I just basically didn’t have quite enough dps to get Belial to transform before his adds got me. Added some more dexbased gear today and managed to bump my dps just enough to make reaching the third phase much easier and more constant and then it was just a matter of dodging the attacks which isn’t too hard.

At the moment I’m starting to feel like reaching the end of Inferno relies on having a glass cannon demon hunter as it’s really hard to balance out vit/res with enough dex/ias gear unless you farm act3/act4 or have millions of gold to put into very good gear.

DH stats when killing Belial:
Armor 2833
DPS with Sharpshooter 43949
DPS without Sharpshooter 27049
HP 40534

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