D3 progress updates

May 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Here is some info on my progress through Diablo 3. I’ll keep updating this post. Note I’m not trying to rush through the content as I prefer my first playthroughs to be more of a completionist style.

Update #0 – 15.5.2012 – 09:45
Just got home from getting my collectors box. I choose thee, Barbarian!

Update #1 – 16.5.2012 – 02:00
Going to bed as I was unable to login for 3 hours and when I finally did I lost all my act2 achievements and the game seemed wonky since Blizzard is in the process of fixing some issues. Currently I’ve only played a little of act3.

Found first Legendary though: Manald Heal

Update #2 – 16.5.2012 – 07:30
Woke up and started playing. No notifications on the login screen so I assume Blizz fixed the issues.

Update #3 – 16.5.2012 – 14:30
Normal done! Hell yeah, Blizzard sure knows their cinematics. AWESOME! :)
Barbarian lvl32, 18 hours 57 minutes, 3 deaths
dps 360 / armor 1146

Time for some pizza. Probably gonna start nightmare after a break.

Update #4 – 16.5.2012 – 21:30
Not sure how I’m supposed to play the game when I get disconnected every 2 minutes. I’m currently in the Festering Woods act1 but pretty much pointless playing the game atm.

Update #5 – 17.5.2012 – 00:00
Since there seems to be some issues regarding barbarians and nightmare act1-2, possibly in relation to using whirlwind – causing the disconnect issues, I decided to start a second character as a Demon Hunter. Act1 now complete.

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