Dido – Girl Who Got Away

March 3, 2013 Leave a comment

What is up guys. I got sidetracked from doing the CD2 post regarding “The Living Infinite” since I realized my favorite pop/triphop singer/songwriter Dido has a new album out. Instead of going really indepth I’m just gonna put some of the great songs from the new “Girl Who Got Away” record below.

I’m so happy she is back with new music. Loved her since I first heard “Here With Me” in Roswell which lead me to instantly buying “No Angel”.

Starting off…

5. End Of Night (3:59)
This one might be my favorite off the whole record. The lyrics and the amazing chorus scream chills and I just love the flow of the whole song. Right up there with the best Dido songs.

I feel nothing
When you cry
I hear nothing
See no need to reply
I can smile now and turn away
Come over here so you can see me walk away
And celebrate the end of night

9. Happy New Year (3:29)
Melancholy filled melodies with sad lyrics. Definitely one of the more emotional and personal songs. Call me dark but I naturally gravitate towards songs like this. Beautiful.

I’ll walk home with snow falling
Deep on frozen lawns
And I’ll leave all those others celebrating
All the things that they have done

11. Day Before We Went To War (5:13)
Simplistic and beautiful. Brings out her beautiful voice brilliantly. Very lyrical piece and because of the simplistic nature of the music it’s easy to get into.

All the parasols and kids at play
The sea so still and calm
Blue as the cloudless sky
Just the gentle hum
Of the summer’s goings on
Broken by the sudden rush
Of two planes
Flying low and fast
Into the sun

15. Let’s Runaway (4:24)
“Let’s Runaway” is definitely a contender right next to “End Of Night” for the best song off the album. I can’t stress it enough. Chorus chorus CHORUS! It has an excellent buildup and once the chorus hits in her voice and the flow of the beat just make you want to sing and dance. Amazing. Love her!

Let’s run away
Then tomorrow won’t be the same
Let’s go away
Then today won’t feel the same

16. Everything To Lose – Armin Van Buuren Remix (5:56)
I believe she actually released this as a single a few years back (2010?) between albums, but decided to also put it up on the actual record. Up beat and I love it. Really catchy and it still works after tons of listening.

I used to be so fearless, so limitless and free
Happy on my own and nothing really bothered me
I had desires to see the world, jump out of planes and fly
I loved to be alive but I was not afraid to die

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