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November 5, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s an early Monday morning (late Sunday night?) and I’m catching up on some work. The most integral part of my process is having music that I can listen to while designing and coding. It makes me feel creative and inspired and it definitely speeds up the process a lot. That is when you have music you’re not bored of :)

Lately I’ve been trying to find good ways to discover new music as the occasional new records from my fav artists quickly get old after I go through them x times nonstop. The latest example of this is obviously Rise Of A Digital Nation from Machinae Supremacy. Judging by my stats I’ve listened to each of the songs on the record around 30-40 times. Another good example is Periphery II which I accidentally discovered while revisiting the first Periphery record a couple weeks back.

So where do I discover new music? Right now the method I’m using is revisiting artists I know and love. There are a bunch of albums that I never really tried listening through as I was so stuck listening to something else. My latest victim is Daughtry. I started browsing his songs in Spotify and realized I never really listened to his latest Break The Spell album from 2011, save for one or two songs. What a mistake. Now I’ve been listening to the damn thing nonstop for two days and will undoubtedly end up getting bored sooner or later.

Other than that I watch a lot of TV shows that occasionally have interesting songs that I have to look up. Last night I was watching the latest episode of Nikita and the beautiful outro song got me. Boom. New song and artist to explore.

Friends help out aswell even though most of the time I’m the one recommending new music to them. Here’s the latest example from a week ago.

And then there’s the GSL. Oh how I love me some Starcraft 2 Tastosis action. The guy responsible for the music they play during the show and in between matches is definitely a good source for music. Here’s some instrumental guitar music from the intro video to the map Abyssal City – love it.

So there’s some of my sources. Sometimes I do go exploring the unknown through Spotify related artists but honestly that rarely works out. Before the post goes on for ages I’m gonna stop here and get back to work. Here’s hoping Daughtry can still carry me through the coding :)

Have a good one!

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