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September 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Actually this part of the post goes back well over a week, but I didn’t want to write a post solely about hitting lvl80 on Guild Wars 2. Shortly after hitting the cap was the last time I actually played the game. I was at about 75% World Completion I think and it just kind of got a bit boring towards the end there. I didn’t do any of the dungeons nor any PVP so I’m definitely not saying I outright quit the game. I’m sure I’ll get back to it at one point or another because there’s no subscription fee and it definitely was a solid game.

The main culprit behind me moving away from GW2 was/is the D3 1.0.4 patch and the future patches aswell. I’ve been slashing mobs left and right for the past week really actively and can safely say I feel addicted to the game once again.

I hit Paragon level 26 last night and while I realize it’s not particularly high, it’s not like I’ve been running act3 24/7 trying to level up fast. Actually what the Paragon levels did for me is give more of a reason to go back to some of the achievements I ignored before. Main example and the biggest timesink you could ever ask for in a game is the “A Unique Collection” achievement for which you need to kill close to a 100 unique purple mobs which very rarely spawn at all. So I’ve been running different zones trying to hunt those down and I’m mostly done with Act1. The good thing is I get some Paragon XP and loot – not the most efficient – but some nonetheless. It’s that little bit of progression the game needed, though considering how fast Alkaizer reached 100 I do wish the progression slowed down way more past lvl70 or so.

I’ve also been playing some Minecraft again and there’s a new episode up on my YouTube channel featuring some timelapse action. For now I’ll sign out here and go slash some mobs with my new Devil Tongue :)

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