Hell awaits

May 18, 2012 1 Comment

Last night I discovered the constant 3-5min disconnects were caused by using whirlwind, so I changed back to using Rend and didn’t have any more problems. I hope they fix it quick though.

So after losing a bunch of time thanks to the disconnect issue I now played some catchup and finished nightmare. As before I am playing solo.

Stats finishing nightmare (18.5 – 13:00):
Lvl 50 Barbarian
38 Hours 12 Minutes
DPS 1447
Armor 2618
HP 22436

Nightmare itself was harder than normal obviously but nothing too bad. The elitepacks did kill me a bunch of times but with some planning you’re fine. Other than dying to Izual a bunch of times I didn’t die to the other bosses. In the end of Nightmare I actually changed from dualwielding to a 2h weapon since a nice rare dropped.

Now for some delicious food omnomnom. After that – Hell awaits!

One Comment to Hell awaits

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