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October 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Hellooooo there. It’s almost a month from my previous post. I’ve been busy playing games, working on a few acoustic songs and well I guess that’s about it. Not exactly the busiest of times when it comes to work and webstuff, but hopefully that will improve soon.

Back to the topic of games! I’ve been playing a ton of D3 since my last post and actually as I’m writing this, patch 1.0.5 came out earlier today. Unfortunately I had to take a break since the servers are down for a short while – poor me, unable to slay demons at 7am. My monk is now up to Paragon level 45 and while it isn’t very high, it has gone up steadily even though most of my time playing has been focused on looking for unique mobs for the Unique Collection achievement. Still missing 15 but the new Infernal Machine key/stackruns should hopefully help get the number down some more.

Couple weeks back I also started playing a new Minecraft CTM map called Uncharted Territory 2 and I’m enjoying it quite a lot. As of right now I have 7 episodes up on my YouTube channel and uploading new ones every other day. It’s been months since I played Sea of Flame so it’s fun to get back to some CTM action. So far the map is kickass and hopefully you guys enjoy the vids too. I’m trying to get more into regular YouTube uploads so all the support is appreciated.

Another big game that came out is Borderlands 2 which I just finished a few days ago – or at least the first difficulty. Great to see Gearbox acknowledge the PC gamers and put that extra effort to make sure all the PC related options exist and that the game runs like it should. Lots of improvements from BL1, good amount of gameplay and definitely tons of fun especially in co-op.

In a few days Machinae Supremacy will release their new album which I’m looking forward to a lot. Judging by my listening habits from the past 6 years, their previous record A View From The End Of The World is number 1 in my most played albums. Hopefully Rise Of A Digital Nation can continue strong.

That’s it for now. I should propably get some sleep here soon. Since it’s over 7am I think I’m gonna go grab some food from the grocery store and then call it an end for today :)

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