Inferno cleared – Diablo dead

June 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Ahh, what a relief. I finally did it after around 5 days of being stuck on Inferno Diablo with my Demon Hunter. DEAD! I was feeling quite motivated today since I didn’t sleep at all last night because I was watching Kripp and Krippi duo through Act4 on hardcore against the 1.0.3 patch deadline which was only hours away. They managed to fight their way all the way through to Diablo and beat him a bit over an hour before the patch hit US and the servers went down. Awesome feat – world first or not!

Watching them beat Diablo and knowing the patch would hit EU in about 4 hours from now I knew I wanted to basically do what they did – finish inferno before the patch hits and nerfs the content, just on softcore obviously. Took me about 3 hours of nonstop tries tonight but I finally got my strats down well enough to make a perfect run through the fight and kill Diablo. I guess the main change I made compared to my previous 200 tries, was to run away from the 66% and 33% shadowclones and shoot them offscreen. Made a huge difference as I was able to dodge their attacks more easily and still dps them down without using smokescreen too much. I believe I made it to the 3rd final phase three times total and you know how the saying goes, third time’s the charm!

Here’s a little gallery of the kill, my items and stats:

I actually recorded a lot of my earlier tries with Fraps but because I started running out of disk space thanks to all the dying, I decided to stop recording since it was also screwing with my framerate a little bit. So I don’t have the kill on video unfortunately, but maybe I’ll record another kill post patch or something and add the fails on that one.

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