Inferno progress

May 26, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s late at night here but I had to get this progress post going so I have a journal of my first inferno playthrough.

26.5.2012 – 03:20

Inferno Butcher is dead. Took me about 20 tries or so but eventually I downed him with my Demon Hunter. His singlechain pull was easy to dodge, but as the fight went longer and more flames started showing up from the floor, I usually ended up dying to his multichain attack.

DH stats when killing Butcher:
Armor 2303
DPS 17168
HP 25441

28.5.2012 – 23:30

Killed Butcher with my barb in co-op with Keelhauler (monk) and Zuni (wd). Took us quite a lot of tries before eventually beating him. I’ve started focusing a lot more on survivability on my barb instead of dps, we’ll see how it goes.

Barb stats when killing Butcher:
Armor 7844
DPS 10635
HP 41856

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