Joe Satriani – Unstoppable Momentum

May 3, 2013 Leave a comment

Just finished my work for the day and noticed the new Satch record is up on Spotify. Excellent timing. Great to start the weekend by listening to my favorite instrumental guitarplayer. First impressions time!

1. Unstoppable Momentum (5:14)
I wasn’t even thinking of writing this post until I heard the chorus of this song. One of the best melodies and licks I’ve heard from Joe in a long time. All the riffs in this song are incredible. What a crazy outro aswell, love it! Definitely going to the “repeat to infinity” list.

2. Can’t Go Back (3:59)
What the hell Joe, sick intro. Chills! What a groovy feel. These arpeggiated licks are sick aswell. Considering how KICKASS these two first songs are I’m wondering if he can keep this up through the whole thing. Makes me wanna pick up my guitar and jam for sure.

3. Lies And Truths (4:45)
Interesting intro. No idea what is coming. Lotsa whammy it seems. I have a feeling it’s gonna kick into gear soon… aaaand there it goes! I’m honestly very positively surprised. Didn’t quite believe Joe had this much fresh sounding material left in him.

4. Three Sheets To The Wind (3:22)
Almost sounded like Vai there for a second. Easier vibe on this one. Holy horns what haha! What a curious piece. Kind of feels like a carnival ride doesn’t it.

5. I’ll Put A Stone On Your Cairn (1:43)
Judging by the length this is an interlude of sorts. Perhaps a intro for the next song which is the summervibed A Door Into Summer. Definitely sounds like a beautiful melodic intro.

6. A Door Into Summer (4:17)
This one I’ve heard a bunch of times already as it was released a few weeks ago as the first single. Kind of a more generic Satch tune but still definitely good. It has this summerfeel to it which is nice now that the snow is gone, temperature is going up and the sun is shining :)

7. Shine On American Dreamer (4:46)
What a rock sound. Almost feels like a Chickenfoot tune except the vocals never kicked in :) In my head I imagine Sammy driving a convertible through the desert roads with Joe blasting this song next to him. I wanna do that!

8. Jumpin’ In (5:12)
Fun sounding riff that I’m definitely gonna look into learning later. Another turn that I didn’t see coming which is something I generally love. Not just chills but shivers.. the 2nd half of the song towards the end has these beautiful yet dark melodies. Guitar screaming! What a weird ending and I loved it haha.

9. Jumpin’ Out (3:52)
Weirdness continues. Definitely the most “out there” song of the record so far. What is this, Borg Sex Pt. 2? Totally sounds like it to me. And you know what, I love me some Borg Sex! Awesome buildup towards the end again. Joe going to town with his guitar!

10. The Weight Of The World (5:07)
The intro didn’t do a whole lot but it was obviously a prelude to something greater. There the lead guitar finally kicks in with a beautiful tone. The little interludes remind me of Solitude. Last minute kicks in with the best section. I love the simplistic nature of the lead guitar. Overall didn’t quite pull me in like the other songs – not yet anyway.

11. A Celebration (2:48)
Crowd chant? It’s what I think of purely based on the name and the fact it’s the last song. Not quite built the same way though. Positive vibes flowing through this song yet the beautiful guitar work doesn’t take it too far down the happylane. Strong finish!

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