Kipex Plays Minecraft

May 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Heyhey! Edited and uploaded my first LP episode tonight and it’s up on YouTube. I think I managed to improve the video quality a little bit even from the Sea of Flame 1080p vids. Sure does help having a fast computer and good upload speeds :)

The new LP will focus more on the building and normal survival aspects of Minecraft. I’ll probably end up doing an episode or two per week, though I’m not really setting a schedule I need to follow since I do these videos for fun and don’t really want to have too much pressure to have an episode up every week. I’m sure Diablo 3 will screw up with this even further but that’s to be expected.

I’ll try to put up one or two Sea of Flame episodes in the next few days aswell so be on the lookout for those. I already recorded my second LP episode aswell, but I need to figure out and create a short intro I can use for the lp series so that’s on my todo list.

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