Rise Of A Digital Nation

October 20, 2012 1 Comment

I was slaying demons and happened to realize the new Machinae Supremacy record is up on Spotify. Instantly listening and here are my first impressions track by track.

1. All Of My Angels (4:54)
Classic SID intro into familiar Machinae Supremacy sounding riffs. YES! Just what I’ve wanted to hear for the past month – something new and exciting to listen to.

All of my angels are right here with me
Hold me as I ache from the things I have seen
I have all my angels and I am not alone
Wake me if I turn to stone


2. Laser Speed Force (4:07)
This song I actually heard earlier when they released it on YouTube. Kickass catchy fast melodies that really keep me going. For me the best part is easily after the halfway mark when the soloing kicks in. Really easy to get into and overall just a solid catchy tune!

3. Transgenic (4:09)
Holy shit at the intro! The amount of chills… if you can’t tell that intro just made me very excited. What the hell is this BRILLIANCE I am hearing. Seriously the introriff with the echoing SID sounds on the background is INSANE. Really heavy sounding main riff with a slower pace but filled with me airdrumming and headbanging through it. I just wanna ramp up the volume higher and higher.

4. Rise Of A Digital Nation (4:08)
The intro is definitely in the veins of good old NES melodies. The chorus SID melody is awesome and goes off into this strong instrumental section that I’m loving. This is so nostalgic. I hate to use “chills” all the time but I find it to be the most adequate way to describe how great music is and this is definitely great.

5. Pieces (4:16)
Easily the weakest intro so far. The quiet melodic pre-chorus section somewhat has potential to get me hooked. This seems to be the first song I will actually have to revisit later on and see if I can get into it. It’s not bad by any means but just weak in comparison to the first four tracks.

6. Cyber Warfare (1:26)
Judging by the 1:26 length of the song it looks to be an instrumental interlude. Good Machinae sounding melodies and I guess it functions as an intro to the next song.

7. Republic Of Gamers (4:14)
Alright. Great intro and really high hopes for this song now. The guitar riff partially reminded me of something Iron Maiden would do. Seems like the FPS song of this record with the exception that this one is actually pretty good. I really like a lot of these songs seem to have more SID elements in them than I maybe expected. Chorus lyrics are quite catchy aswell.

We are all equals here
and we fight for dominion tonight
We don’t ask color, race or creed,
dedicated, free-for-all

8. Battlecry (4:16)
Much like with Pieces the intro doesn’t really get me too excited. There is potential here though. I’m glad they didn’t go overboard with the small dubstep part. The japanese (?) part didn’t quite make it to the same level as some of their earlier similar parts from other records. This song has nothing on Force Feedback. Sorry. Not even close.

9. 99 (5:26)
Promising intro. Please don’t disappoint. So far so good! 21 seconds in and I’m excited. Very clear verse and I’m sure I’ll be singing along to after a few playthroughs. I like the somewhat melancholic minor sounding melodies. You got me, I’m hooked. Not quite the crazy chills material yet but maybe the outro will blow my mind. Well, there the chills come. That ever so simple melody is so catchy and eery when it’s the only thing playing. Chorus is strong enough to make for a good outro aswell.

From High above the world
I see the ones depraved
They know to stay away
from our walls and the master slaves

10. Hero (5:24)
One of their older songs I believe but I guess they decided to revisit it. Not one of my favorite songs. It doesn’t quite move me in any way. I mean it’s catchy in the sense that some of the lyrics are memorable and your feet keep stomping away purely thanks to how fast the song is, but it doesn’t really do it for me. Weird choice of song to end the album on. I think 99 would have suited that role much better.

Final thoughts

I’ll be playing this record over and over and over again until I’ve thoroughly abused it. I starred 7 out of the 10 songs in Spotify so overall I’m pretty happy with it. I’m not convinced anything can beat A View From The End Of The World as a whole, but it still seems like a great record with some absolutely amazing and catchy tunes. I’ll have to go back and revisit Pieces and Battlecry.

After the first playthrough I vividly recall and immediately want to listen to four things again:
1: All Of My Angels – Haunting beautiful chorus
2: Transgenic – Simple yet such a chill-inducing heavy intro
3: Rise Of A Digital Nation – Chorus – All eyes on me…
4: 99 – The main melody line that pretty much plays throughout the song

That’s it for this one. I’m gonna go back to D3 and listen to this record until I pass out. Definitely picking this up in a week or two once I have some extra cash to throw at the record store. Also looking forward to seeing them play live in Oulu@45 again in the end of November.

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