Soilwork – The Living Infinite

February 27, 2013 Leave a comment

I’ve been waiting for the new Soilwork record pretty much since Panic Broadcast came out which I thought was excellent.

More recently weeks before the release of “The Living Infinite” they’ve released three new songs which by now I’ve listened to no end.

Checking my stats I can see they are my three most listened songs of the past three months:

  • Soilwork – Rise Above the Sentiment   297
  • Soilwork – This Momentary Bliss   208
  • Soilwork – Spectrum of Eternity   142

Safe to say I’m in love with the material. Today I finally got my hands on the new complete double CD album. Here are my first impressions.

1. Spectrum of Eternity (4:01)
First song I heard and the first song they released. Starting off with an enchanting melody, but brutally going into their more aggressive roots. The melody pushes through even though the song is intense and really fast paced. Add a catchy chorus and a good mix of aggressive and clean vocals and you’ve got yourself a kickass song.

2. Memories Confined (3:25)
Chills. Really dark and evil sounding riffs with a melancholy sort of hook. Kind of getting some progressive vibes. This feels like a song that has lots of potential that will unlock through more plays.

3. This Momentary Bliss (3:45)
Second song they released. Took me all of 3 seconds to be in love with it. Incredible riff and melodies. The guitarwork during the verse is something I want to look into learning.

“Don’t let the light you see restrain you
Don’t put your trust in the dark outside
There will be more than you ever could die for
This momentary bliss is a lie”

Definitely catchy lyrics in this one. Love it.

4. Tongue (4:17)
Intro reminds me of something from Natural Born Chaos. The drumming in these songs is absolutely ridiculous. The chorus is oddly happy if you could ever use that adjective to describe music from Soilwork. At 2:45 I seemingly enter a section straight out of a Dream Theater song which I find very interesting to see in a Soilwork song.

5. The Living Infinite I (3:50)
Beautiful acoustic intro. We’re onto something special here. Once the song kicks in the riffs are brilliant. First time through the first five songs that I want to up my volume. This song definitely has elements of excellence that I’m gonna come back to after listening the whole thing.

6. Let the First Wave Rise (2:52)
Take no prisoners. This song is short and very much in your face. Not my favorite but not exactly the type of Soilwork I love.

7. Vesta (4:18)
Wild wild west? The main riff is really catchy. It’s the backbone of the song and I think they’re onto something here. Need to listen to this again.

8. Realm of the Wasted (4:29)
Generic sounding and somewhat boring. The chorus does a better job at throwing some hooks around. From a technical point of view I like some of the guitar licks. Overall it doesn’t really do it for me. However it just might be one of those songs that you get into after listening to it a bunch of times.

9. The Windswept Mercy (4:14)
I don’t remember Speed singing such low clean vocals before. Keeps it sounding fresh and interesting. Whatever the meaning behind the lyrics, I love the title of the song and just hearing it come out in the song gave me chills instantly. I like that it’s not as fast as some of the other songs which gives it more air to enjoy the beautiful bits and pieces. One of my new favorite songs no doubt.

10. Whispers and Lights (5:09)
Last song of CD1. Not sure what to make of the verse but the chorus wins me over. Like in the previous song I like the overall rhythm and spacing of the song. I think I’m gonna learn to like this song a whole lot more over time.

Strong finish for CD1 and to be honest I think CD1 alone makes a solid record. However I’m happy there’s another CD of music to explore and dig into. Stay tuned for my first impressions on CD2.

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