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May 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Finished Hell Act4 today with my barb after mostly playing my Demon Hunter for the past couple days. Afterwards I also pushed through Act4 with my DH so I’m in Inferno with both classes now.

Stats finishing Hell (25.5.2012 – 14:30) with Barbarian:
Lvl 60 Barbarian
69 Hours 25 Minutes
DPS 7390
Armor 5805
HP 37096

Stats finishing Hell (25.5.2012 – 18:45) with Demon Hunter:
Lvl 60 Demon Hunter
37 Hours 31 Minutes
DPS 13935
Armor 2188
HP 32966

Hell was quite a significant step from Nightmare. A lot of deaths on the tougher elitepacks. I especially garnered a hate towards Soul Lasher elites which I found extremely hard to deal with. The bosses were a mixed bunch though. I killed the Butcher and Azmodan on first tries, but wiped about 15 times on Belial before succeeding. Diablo took about 6 tries or so. Some of the other mid-act bosses like Rakanoth took a couple tries aswell but nothing too bad.

Now I’ll probably farm some money to buy the 3rd stash page and then try my hand at Inferno.

Update 21:00
Second legendary dropped finally while playing Inferno act1! Gladiator Gauntlets

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