Who am I?

I’m glad you asked. My name is Kimmo Kovalainen and I go by the nick Kipex. I started using Kipex when I was around 10 years old or so during the late 90s when I first got into multiplayer games like Quake 2, C&C and StarCraft. But why Kipex? Well, “Kipe” is a common real life nickname for Kimmo. Add the coolest letter in the alphabet and you’ve got Kipex, obviously!

This website is my playground where I talk about things I love whether it be games, music, tv shows or graphics. Below I go indepth on all of the topics – sorry if it’s a long read. It’s as much for myself to just have this stuff written somewhere :)


My gaming roots go back to the days of Commodore 64 before NES/SNES came out and we got our first 386 PC. Been playing games ever since and I’m still hooked. The first PC multiplayer experiences I had were probably in 98 or so playing a ton of Quake 2 and Starcraft at a local Megazone with a bunch of computers in LAN. Fun times!

After Half-Life and the following mod onslaught came out I started playing a bunch of Counter-Strike before moving to Frontline Force in 2000. In 2001 I formed my own clan MeniEnemiis (“Many Enemies”) with Decapitator who I met through a previous [cVo] clanmate TuttiRitari. While as a clan we had mediocre success in FLF (but tons of fun!), I personally knew lots of the other Finnish FLF players and played with them in the Finnish national team in a few championships which we won quite convincingly.

After FLF started to die down I went back to Counter-Strike and eventually got recruited into PikkuPojat (Boys with Toys) as the first under 18 yearold player – making an excerption to their 18+ rule. I had to pick a nickname based on the [pikku] tag (meaning little) and I picked lepakko (bat). That is where my serious gaming as [pikku]lepakko started with tons of practise matches on a daily basis and spending every evening playing CS. We were constantly in the Finnish top5 – top10, but couldn’t really seem to get over that barrier even competing at a bunch of LAN events. Eventually in 2004 we decided to call it quits with [pikku] and a few of us including myself, nakki and my brother varvas decided to continue on a new team but after trying for about another year we finally quit CS altogether.

Since then I’ve dabbled in gaming mostly for fun, playing a wide variety of games like Quake 3, Painkiller, Quake 4 and more casual singleplayer stuff like Mass Effect, Deus Ex and Final Fantasy etc. I also ventured in World of Warcraft for a while playing in Paragon with my friend nakki, but after months of nonstop playing I got bored and moved on to other games. More recently since late 2010, watching competitive StarCraft 2 has become a usual landmark in my weekly activities.

At the moment I’m mainly playing Minecraft and doing some YouTube videos of my adventures there. However that is going to take a background place. Diablo 3 is my most anticipated game ever and I’ll be putting a serious amount of hours into playing it and to be the best I can be at it. Diablo 2 was a huge timesink back in the days and I fully expect D3 to be the same if not much worse ^^


Considering I was born 2 days after Puppetz came out it’s no wonder I first got into music hearing Metallica. I was headbanging to ‘tallica songs when I was 6 years old and songs like Seek and Destroy lead me to pick up the guitar much like my brother did before me. So from very early on they have been a major influence on pretty much everything music related in my life. I was even fortunate enough to meet them June 14th 2009 in Helsinki through the fanclub meet&greet.

Iron Maiden was another band that soon followed and from there my musical interests slowly started to expand outside thrash and heavy metal. When I was around 12 years old I heard a song called “Noose” from a nearby semilocal band called Sentenced who had this really melodic yet heavy thing going on which is probably the first time I heard something great come out from Finland. After dabbling with Sentenced and Stratovarius I discovered Joe Satriani in my later teens and fell in love with the instrumentalrock guitar soundscape he had going on. Shortly after followed Dream Theater – probably the biggest musical discovery for me ever since Metallica.

Since then Dream Theater has rocked my playlists. I love progressive music in general and bands like Porcupine Tree are awesome. I find the musical and emotional journey of long progressive epics much more interesting than the general three minute pop songs that really only display one feelingĀ  – although I do listen to those every now and then too. Good melodies are the thing that get my blood pumping.

I strongly believe music transcends all boundaries. Something I can rely on. Somewhere I can escape. A beautiful place. I can just close my eyes and go through a musical journey and come out feeling peaceful.

You can follow my musical habits here.

TV shows

I must admit I’m a bit of a TV series buff. I don’t watch TV at all but I watch a ton of shows – the Internet is a great thing like that. I don’t have to be limited to what the local channels have on their schedules.

Sci-fi is probably my number one genre that I find most interesting. Going to space has always been a dream of mine and perhaps one day I will, but until then I’ll have be satisfied with repeats of Stargate SG-1 and Battlestar Galactica to fill my imagination.

Of course I love other genres as well. Drama not so much, but I guess if you want to think of Dexter and 24 as drama shows then I effin’ love drama! I love the action and suspense in shows like that. Obviously there are a ton of shows that I love watching but these days a lot of good shows get cancelled quickly which is unfortunate.

Right now I’m following Fringe and Supernatural. I also love my Mythbusters! YouTube and watching StarCraft 2 has definitely made a dent in my tv show addiction though. I guess it’s just another example of how easily I get hooked on good entertainment whether it be the competitive GSL or Minecraft videos from Guude and Etho.


I’m fortunate in that I started using the Internet back in the slower 33.6/56K modem days of the late 90s and basically got into all things Internet somewhat early on. Something in there sparked an interest in websites and webdesign even though I was never really good at drawing or painting. I believe I designed and coded my first website (tablebased, wooo!) in late 99 or early 2000. After that I slowly got more into image editing and such while maintaining a good understanding on the coding aspects aswell. Over the years I made a bunch of gaming related websites, but it wasn’t until around 2007 that I started getting paid for it more regularly.

Currently I’m freelancing from home, designing websites, coding HTML/CSS with some jQuery and trying to push new standards forward even when faced against such evils as Internet Explorer.

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